Strategic Impact Marketing Communications

Match Your Thought Leadership, Personal Brand, Influencer Identity or Business’ Brand with Causes That Inspire Your Audience.

Define Your Brand

We will discuss your vision, mission, and goals for growth of your personal brand or company. Whether you are an established brand or thought leader or just starting out, we can help you align with the products, services, and causes that matter to you and your audience.

Develop a Plan.

We will work with you and your team to develop a step-by-step marketing plan to develop or improve your brand to align with your brand identity and customers’ values. Choose from Marketing, PR, SEO, Website, Social Media, and Podcasting Plans.

Create Content That Matters.

Our consultants help you develop on-brand content and messaging for your personal brand or company brand. Get the guides, tools, and templates for you and your team to implement a truly powerful impact marketing solution.

Haski Communications

The brand identity you need to elevate your professional or company profile.

Let us help you transform your image and messaging to align with social, local, global, or environmental causes that match your vision and mission.